Market Research & Trends

From surveys to focus groups, we exercise every necessary tool to conquer your business problem and unearth groundbreaking insights.

We waltz to the pulse of ethnic cultural trends to give your brand customized solutions. All-in-all, the goal behind our research is to ensure we know your customers, and they know your brand—emphatically..


Brand Strategy & Advertisement Planning

We position brands top-of-mind through sound strategy—loud and clear.

Whether planning an ethnic strategy specific to your objective, or simply packaging and transcreating your mainstream strategy to ensure continuity in brand messaging, we offer solutions that work best for your brand.


Multicultural Digital & Social Media Marketing

We’re fluent in digital.

With the perfect mix of in-language communication and cultural insights, we position brands ahead of competition. We live and breathe popular digital platforms in order to offer you the best course of action for an effective campaign. We are present in nearly all Belgo – Turkish and Maroccan platforms that are relevant.


Education & Training

Want to better understand the ethnicities in Belgium?

As leaders in multicultural advertising and marketing, BlueTuna can help you understand how to connect with ethnic communities. Whether developing an understanding about a community’s culture or its buying behavior—we can help you truly understand how to reach your customers effectively.


Reach All Audiences

Your current communication might be oblivious to the needs of 10% of the customers living in Belgium.